Hussey House
at Tybee Island

Tybee Island Beach and Ocean

Tybee's main attraction is its five miles of wide beaches perfect for walking, a morning run or biking during low tide. The section of beach at the north end of the island (near the lighthouse) offers great shelling opportunities and dolphin watching.

Most of all the beach is for relaxing in the sun, challenging the breaking surf and all around fun. Not to be forgotten is one of our favorites - people watching!

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Jet Ski & Kayak Rentals

Lazaretto Creek Marina


Feel the need for speed? A WaveRunner can fill the bill

Reservations required, so call ahead

In the mood to enjoy the day on the water at a slower, self-propelled pace? The Watersports part of Tybee Jet Ski & Watersports includes Kayak rentals. They offer guided kayak tours as well as DIY free paddling. They provide basic instructions, paddles, seats and life vest. Bring your dog along. They have life vests for pets in many sizes.

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